You may have noticed a sudden sneezing fit every time you enter your house. You might have your carpet under your nose all the time. Allergy season brings with it a host of unpleasant symptoms, including sneezing, runny eyes, and itchy eyes.

Hardwood flooring, which is easy to maintain and clean, is an excellent alternative to the allergen-infested carpeting. You can reduce allergy season by replacing carpet with hardwood floors.


Carpet is plush and soft on the feet. But, that’s not all. Carpet can become a magnet for allergens such pet dander, dust mites, and moldspores. This can lead to allergic reactions. These allergens can become trapped in carpet fibers making them difficult to get rid off completely.

Hardwood floors will reduce the allergens found in your home on a daily basis. Hardwood flooring is more easy to clean than carpet. Carpeting can be very difficult to clean and will require professional cleaning. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain.


It is easy to keep hardwood floors clean by vacuuming weekly and dust mopping. Avoid damaging hardwood floors by using a vacuum that has a floorbrush attachment or an electrical broom. To remove dirt, allergens and other irritating substances quickly, use a dampened sponge or a rag mop.

Apart from carpeting being a common cause of dust-ridden floors, an dirty filter is also a problem. Air conditioners gather dust and other debris from the environment over time. Your home will breathe clean air if your filter is regularly changed.

You are tired of looking at your stained, filthy carpet? Check out our blog for the latest news on hardwood flooring trends and lots of helpful tips for South London homeowners.

Redoing Hardwood Floors FAQ

Having high-quality hardwood flooring increases your home’s value, and therefore it is important to keep them in good shape. But it can be difficult determining if you want to receive your floors refinished. Do a couple of scratches from moving furniture or your pets running around the house justify redoing your floors? Continue reading to learn more about if to redo your floors, just how much it will cost, how long the project will take, and more.

When to redo hardwood Flooring
Most hardwood flooring begin revealing their age following twenty decades. You need to think about refinishing your floors when you notice scratches, dullness, and discoloring. If only a certain region of the floor looks dull and scratched, simply do a light sanding and sealing in that region. You don’t need to refinish the whole floor.

If your floor doesn’t have any deep gouges and the end hasn’t fully worn , you might not need to get them refinished. Instead, you can have them rescreened. With rescreening, a machine lightly sands the existing end , the floor is buffed, and a fresh coat of polyurethane is applied. This is sometimes referred to as a”display and poly” job or”maintenance coat,” and it could help save you about 50 percent off the cost of total sanding. As it doesn’t remove any wood, there is no limit to how many times it could be done. (Note: This is not the same thing as”sandless” hardwood floor refinishing.)

Also, if the floor shows signs of harm, such as warped or bent floorboards, extensive stains, or squeaky spots, hiring a contractor to repair it’s recommended before you fix it.

Why redo hardwood flooring?

You should update your hardwood floors to restore the hardwood flooring’s authentic appearance and glow, mix it with freshly added wood, or change its color or finish.

The Way to redo hardwood flooring

You need at least 1/32 of a inch of wood onto the surface of your flooring to sand them. You can not refinish laminated hardwood flooring . You could have the ability to refinish a engineered wood flooring, depending upon the finish and also the thickness of the highest layer.

Refinishing hardwood floors is complex –and sanding incorrectly can cause irreversible damage–and so we recommend hiring a specialist.

Would you live on your home while getting your hardwood floors redone?

Because of the dust, odor and general disruption, we advocate moving from the house for several times while the job is being done.

But should you choose to stay in your home, here’s what you ought to take into consideration: that the rooms might have to be completely cleared; your living area will be reduced to an untreated area; the equipment will probably be noisy; blot is normally applied in two coats, developing a strong odor; following the stain is dry, three or even more layers of polyurethane coating will be implemented, and that too will have a strong odor; you’ll have to be tactical about moving rooms until the project is complete.

How much time does it take to prefinished hardwood floors?

Allow three to seven days to your project. Specific length depends on several factors, like how much floor is demanded; the extent of harm to the original floor; your own specifications; and the contractor’s requirements.

When should you try this project?

It’s possible to refinish floors anytime, however if you are considering keeping furniture outside, make sure to avoid rainy weather.

How to Decide on a hardwood floor refinishing company

You can also Search for a contractor using all the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Certified Sand and Finisher designation.

When calling companies, Be Certain to ask these:

  • How long they have been in company
  • If they use a pest management system
  • what type of polyurethane they prefer.

Interview at least three contractors, and receive three competitive bids. Ensure anyone you hire is properly insured and licensed, and that each detail is written to the contract. Get a quote instead of an estimate, and ask about what kinds of unforeseen costs can produce up.

Hire Floor Sanding South London for your refinishing project

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shutterstock_740413678Hardwood floors can be beautiful and visually appealing attributes of a house. But forgotten spills, storms, and pets may wreak havoc on those works of pure art. Standing water on hardwood can cause many types of harm, such as mold, mold, and mildew. Hardwood floor restoration and repair can undo the effects of damage typically.

As a homeowner, then you will have to act quickly after identifying the damage. As time passes, the consequences can become irreversible and ruinous and can finally chip into the value of your South London Area home.

When you’ve uncovered standing water or water damage, contact a hardwood floor water damage repairs company ASAP. Waiting is not an option, even if you get the impression that the flood isn’t”that bad.” You may just be seeing the equal of the tip of this iceberg. A professional can offer ideas and recommendations for next steps. In the meantime, as you’re waiting to get help, mop up excess liquid. The next step is to ventilate the house by opening doors and windows and setting lovers near the flooring. Dehumidifiers do a great job of drawing excessive humidity from the surroundings and can significantly reduce drying times.

Hardwood Floor Restoration and Repair Pros to the Rescue!

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barack-obama-and-bo-1174486_1920Which direction should you operate your hardwood floors?

You’ve decided to put in hardwood floors on your South London Area home. After spending hours debating between engineered and natural wood, colour, and complete, you’ve got yet another choice to make: that way should your flooring operate. The solution lies inside your house and your vision.


For strength and endurance, installing hardwood floors perpendicular to the flooring joists is suggested. When hardwood flooring are set up parallel to the joiststhey will sag, squeak and gap. If your sub floor is a concrete slab, then you can run the flooring in any way you would like.

Sight Lines and Aesthetics  

Putting the hardwood floors so it runs in the primary entrance of the area into the other wall is the very best for sight point. It gives the space a clean open texture and is more preferable to conducting the wood another direction. If you’re installing hardwoods through the whole floor, it’s advised to keep it operating at precisely the exact same way instead of alter it room by room, which may produce a choppy atmosphere into the spaces.

If the very best aesthetic option requires the flooring to be run parallel to the joists, you’ll need to fortify the sub-flooring with the addition of a 3/8 inch of plywood. In some homes, installing wood obstructing will also eliminate the probability of squeaks and openings.

Floor Sanding South London offers homeowners a broad choice of wood finishes and types.
Our skilled technicians will finish your unfinished hardwood flooring installation with stain and sealants that meet your needs and will look great in your house for years to come. Call us today at 020 3369 1015 Or click here to get a free quote.

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors in 3 Easy Steps

dddddddddddddsaaaaaaaaaaaShould you prefer your hardwood floors, but they have seen better days or so the colour does not fit your upgraded fixtures, refinishing is the answer. At Floor Sanding South London we can refinish your hardwood flooring quickly and painlessly.

Together with our dustless sanding technology, we can be in and outside of your home in only a few days! Our distinctive staining and refinishing process will provide you the specific color and finish you would like and make your floors look brand spanking new.

Here is our hardwood flooring refinishing process laid out in 3 simple steps. And we guarantee, it really is that simple!

Step 1: Free Consultation

To start off, we always sit down to get a free consultation with you. We examine our hardwood floor checklist with you. Before we begin the physical process of refinishing, you need to decide on a stain color that you like which will mesh with the style of your property. In addition, we need to determine the species of wood your flooring consist of thus we can care for them properly during the pruning process.

Measure 2: Dustless Sanding

From there, we schedule for the dustless sanding process. For this state-of-the-art procedure, we use our exclusive Bona atomic Dust Containment System, or DCS. This process sucks up all dust and transports it to our truck outside your house leaving your house perfectly clean when we’re completed. Dustless sanding also means no more compounds to strip the old finish without a strong scents. It’s environmentally friendly, in addition to convenient for your family as you won’t have to seal off the room or leave the home.

Measure 3: Staining Your Hardwood Floors

Nextwe blot your freshly coated flooring. We begin using a canning stain of your own choosing. If the stain is dry, we complete the floor with different uses of an environmentally secure, durable, and also quick-drying topcoat. Following that, your flooring is once more usable in only 2-3 hours.

4 Prep Steps Before Refinishing

Before you get your flooring installed, there is a bit of prep work that you can do to ensure that your experience is perfect and fast.

1. Move Furniture off Flooring
First things first, move off furniture of the area where the flooring will be refinished. So when the installers arrive, then they’ll have the ability to get going straight away.

2. Schedule Activities Out of the Home
With today’s dustless refinishing, there is no need that you leave your property. But if our team is working in a common area of your home, it could be more convenient for you to schedule tasks out of the house. This will make the experience feel intrusive.


Using Light Colour Wood Flooring To Create Illusions Of Space And Light

3The times are getting longer and we are all waking up to the birds singing outside. It’s a fantastic time of year to devote lots of time outside, but if you’re stuck in lots of the time and are trying to find more natural light or the illusion of more room in your house, strategically using light shade wood floors is a great way to tick all of your interior boxes.

Light color hardwood flooring comes from equally strong and engineered timber varieties so could be set up safely and throughout the house and even in rooms in which you have under floor heating. Offered in a whole slew of species, finishes and grades, there is a light shade wood flooring choice to match every budget and virtually every type of inside you can consider. Within this guide we would like to share with you the way it is possible to make gloomy rooms look brighter and tiny rooms look larger, using light shade wood flooring in addition to a couple of other hints and secrets that we will share with you to help you realize your goals.

Utilizing white and off-white hardwood flooring to boost natural lighting

The lighter the color of flooring and paintwork you select in any area that’s lacking feels or light modest, the bigger and brighter the room will sense. Furthermore, if your own light colored hardwood floors includes a light sheen to it, it is going to reflect light more efficiently, creating an illusion of a much larger quantity of natural light from your area. What is more, with the exact same light colored hardwood flooring throughout the house will throw more natural lighting to the entire home and provide a true sense of volume and space.

Selecting board size to perform with measurements

Though most men and women assume that at a small room, you ought to choose narrow floor boards, light colored floor boards that are wide may create a fantastic impact in a small, darkened area. In precisely the same way that broad stripes on bodies make those bodies seem bigger, an illusion of increased dimensions can be created with the usage of wide boards. Having said that, narrow boards work equally well also.
Other tips and hints to increase natural light

  • Paint your ceiling white. By combining a light colored floor along with a white ceiling, a darkened area will look loads brighter instantly.
  • Use mirrors to bounce natural light round the room.
  • Use electric lighting cleverly by blending uplighters and downlighters.
  • Paint your walls with a light coloured, eggshell or satin finish paint to reflect more light.
  • Permit as much light as you can to enter the room by stripping back dressings.
  • Fit glass doors to allow light to travel throughout the house.
  • Invest in glass or perspex furnishings to enable the light to pass through the room.

Other Strategies and hints to give the illusion of distance

  • Paint your ceiling white. In the same way this suggestion will give you additional light, it will also create an instantaneous feeling of space in your room.
  • Choose the right sized furnishings. While large and chunky can work in small spaces, generally , if you select furnishings in ratio with the room size you will attain a greater illusion of space.
  • Pick furnishings which have increased legs. Wherever possible, choose chairs and sofas that are raised from the floor on legs rather than furnishings which touch the ground all round.
  • Fit glass doors to give the belief that one room leads naturally into the next.
  • De-clutter. There is nothing that cries lack of space more than having clutter throughout your room. Choose smart storage solutions and shelving to be certain everything is in its rightful place.
  • Invest in glass or perspex furnishings in order that they seem almost invisible.

If you’d like help to make the ideal flooring choices for your job, why don’t you get in contact? At Floor Sanding South London , we love inventing solutions that you mayn’t have thought going to help you make the most of your interior.


shutterstock_768845227Scandinavian design has been increasingly in vogue for several decades now. There are great reasons why. It’s a slick and clean minimalistic design that highlights wood tones and a natural texture. A home which is designed in this way is able to look contemporary, but also comfortable. A big part of the design choice is the flooring that goes with it and accentuates the design. Here are some of the components of Scandinavian design.


Scandinavian design favors simplicity and performance over extravagance. There is a touch of minimalism with a controlled style. There could be sure accent pieces that provide a popup, but for the most part, it features clean lines and understatement. A home that is designed in such a way will comprise earthy tones, and optimize natural light as much as you can. The substances used are generally more natural, and there’s little in the way of extra decor and ornamentation. By limiting accessories, what’s present will draw more focus and look much better.


As we mentioned, mild is very important to Scandinavian design. It offers a feeling of white-painted-pinevitality and warmth, particularly in the colder months that Scandinavia is known for. The inside is kept uncluttered and airy so the lighting can reach as many places as you can. Some homes may have mirrors installed to assist reflect the sunlight and offer the illusion of larger rooms. When there is no natural light at night, this layout prefers hanging lamps or floor lamps to get a warm and inviting feeling.


Vintage furniture really is a huge element of Scandinavian design. Couches look comfy and are often in an earthy shade. For this little bit of soda, you can have cushions with patterns and cushions with identifying colors. The walls are generally white or a shade of white. You are able to add some pizzazz with a classic poster or a distinguishing clock.

Near Perfection

The goal of the Scandinavian design is to look amazing but to also supply the most of comfort and performance. You ought to have the ability to be comfortable living, but also everything ought to have a place to keep things tidy and clean.


Light floors may make space look larger, which can be a major bonus if you are in a smaller house. It is possible to combine your light flooring with walls of a neutral colour to actually receive a minimalist feel that’s still amazing. In small rooms, install thin boards which will add to that illusion of distance. You can set up the boards diagonally to provide some additional visual interest without drawing on the eye a lot from the appeal of the rest of the room. There’s so much you can do in order to get a look that suits your personality.

Among the best things about Scandinavian design is that it allows for experimentation and customization to fit your own personal style. Go with this layout choice if you would like a clean and glossy space with functionality and comfort.


m8wj6f4iuhn4wlzhgh06-46491Hardwood flooring plays an integral part in almost any home renovation or decoration job.

The attractive look of hardwood floors can’t be matched by laminates or vinyl sheeting, nor will the illusion of itdue to its sturdiness and durable character.

On the other hand, the setup process plays an essential role in strengthening the house setup. Stick to these easy installation ideas to boost the visual appeal of your house.

Choice of Finishing

Clients can pick unfinished wood because of its exceptional rustic charm and outside. This permits clients to customise their floors projects with the end of the selection. Make sure that you pay the bare wood entirely, while hauling it, as with no protective finish that the timber could be marked easily.

If the client favor a blue-green timber, there’s a huge array of flooring that’s already sanded and finished.

Install the Planks

The following step is that the installing of these boards. Follow this measure, only if you are accustomed with DIY projects. Eliminate the baseboards and set the borders in addition to another one. Glue the seams with a strong wood glue. The floor ought to be parallel to the living area’s longest wall. Install the longest bits at the doors. Place the smaller pieces throughout the room.

Use Spacers

Use spacers to keep a distance between the boards. Place the set of planks into the assigned position. Affix the planks securely with claws. Ensure that the claws are concealed under the bottom board. Install the claws in the first portion of the boards, every ten to twelve inches in strips and five to eight inches to the planks.

This is a really cheap way of installing a hardwood flooring, that when completed will seem fantastic and provide years of use.


In case Untitled collageyou’ve taken up your old carpeting and discovered that you’ve got beautiful parquet floors or original floorboards that are ripe for renovation then you have to get into gear and find a hardwood flooring specialist with the experience and knowledge to restore your previous flooring.

Restoring and renovating original flooring in your home can be an excellent selling point when you come to move on to your next residence and original features such as old floorboards are what specific buyers look for, especially in period homes.

Care and attention ought to be made to make sure that the floorboards or parquet floors has been brought back to life with the proper materials and machinery. The very last thing you need to do is destroy the flooring. By calling the specialists you may be sure you are likely to get a wonderful service and they are going to do the job correctly.

The hardwood flooring experts will have all of the essential equipment as well as understand the best techniques to make you old flooring back to life again. You’ll be quite impressed with the final result. It’ll look like it has ever been like that.


greek-revival-reclaimed-floorHave you been contemplating getting hardwood floors in your house, but you are unsure about where to begin and what you ought to be looking for? There are lots of alternatives available to you but you do not have to feel daunted about the possibility of choosing your new flooring covering, especially once you’ve got a hardwood flooring specialist on hand to help you.

The choices you’ll have to make regarding your new floors will be whether or not you go for a hard or soft wood. What colour of wood you want in your house and also how you would like the new flooring to be laid.

In most instances, the hardwood floors is layered over the present floorboards or concrete basis in a room. You can opt to have underlay installed underneath if you think that you need the further insulation. Insulation will make sure that your feet are warm and that any room which has hardwood flooring retains as much heat as you can. This is particularly useful given that we have suffered unseasonably cold winters of late.